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L’Home Restaurant is the opportunity given to anyone who loves to stay in the kitchen to turn their house and their own kitchen in a restaurant occasionally open for friends, acquaintances and strangers (travelers especially) who will have the chance to experience the original kitchen of the places frequented regularly or during a trip.


Our proposals:        Cena in Campagna
L’Orto in Tavola
Menù del Cacciatore
Polenta e Musso
Sabor Espagnol
Baccalà …che delizia
Fantasie di Radicchio
Sapori del cortile
Zucca …che regina


    Gnammo HR Officina del Gusto

Gnammo is the first all-Italian platform dedicated to #SocialEating!
Gnammo offers everyone the opportunity to organize lunches, dinners and events at home or in any private location.
It will be possible to test their skills in the kitchen and make new friends around the table at home.
We are all Gnammers: no need to be experienced cooks, just the desire to get involved and meet new people, both as a guest (the gnammer eating) and as Cook (the gnammer the stove).

    Testimonianze  HR Officina del Gusto

The TG2 service last Saturday dedicated to #SharingEconomy, with beautiful shots during a Gnammo dinner: WATCH THE VIDEO

Carlotta on Dissapore tells of his first Gnammo dinner as a guest. Well … It looks like it is so much fun 😉 READ ALL ITEM