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    Contatti B&B La Punta

Below you can find all Contacts B&B La Punta to be able to ask questions, to book and follow the events organized by us.

mappa_icon  Via Punta, 7 – 36020 Agugliaro (VI)
mail_icon  Email:
telefono_icon  Telefono: 348 175 7027
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The B&B LA PUNTA and l’HR OFFICINA DEL GUSTO are in Agugliaro, in the province of Vicenza, in the Veneto region.

Agugliaro is an Italian town of about 1,500 inhabitants of the province of Vicenza. It is located in Lower Vicentino, on the border with the province of Padua. Totally flat and full of canals, is located between the Berici and Euganean Hills..

The B&B LA PUNTA and l’HR OFFICINA DEL GUSTO are located 2 km from Agugliaro the A31 Valdastico South motorway link between Vicenza and Rovigo; Once you escape to follow the direction to the center of Agugliaro; after passing the town continue towards Vo, you can find us after 1 km on the left.

From inside we are on the road Strada della Liona between the towns of Agugliaro and Vo.

A small map can help you reach more easily.

Contatti B&B La Punta

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 coordinate_icon  Coordinate: 45.325636, 11.610435

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